After 4 years of formation and service with HNDL, you can ask to become a Hospitalier/Hospitalière.  Your commitment to serve in HNDL is made/received during the Hospitalité Mass on Wednesday night in St Joseph’s Chapel.  I will share some posts later about people’s experiences of making their engagement, but for now, I post  a snippet from the service:  the promises made, the medal and rosary received… This should give those of you new to HNDL some insight into who we are and what we do.  And for the old hands reading this, the promises we make are always beautiful things to reflect on once more:

The President:

The time has come for me, on behalf of the Hospitalité, to welcome some of our brothers and sisters and receive their ‘Engagement’ commitment to the Hospitalité, in the light of the Hospitalier spirit.

I will now call them forward.

The President calls each candidate by his or her Christian name and the name of the pilgrimage hospitalité or diocese to which they belong.

Each Candidate:

Here I am 

and steps forward to the first step of the altar.

The President:

After several years of service with us, you have expressed the desire to make a commitment to joining us as a member of the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes.  You are now invited to express that desire before your brother and sister hospitaliers.

The candidates: (each in turn)

I……..[name]……. commit to humbly fulfilling whatever service is required of me by those in charge of the Hospitalité.

Then, in language groups:

I commit to being attentive to the needs of all in need, in my home environment, as I do here in Lourdes.

I commit to furthering my formation in the message of Lourdes and to fully completing my service.

I commit to coming regularly to Lourdes, where circumstances permit, to welcome and serve all pilgrims, but first and foremost sick pilgrims.

I entrust myself to the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes, to help me lead an exemplary Christian life, through the love of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

After each language group we sing ‘AVE, AVE, AVE MARIA’

The President:

Confident of the sincerity of your promise, I welcome you into service in the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes.

I present you with the Hospitality medal which your Service head will attach to your lapel, near your heart.

The medal is in the image of Our Lady and represents our attachment to Lourdes, and on the ribbon is the cross of St. Peter, a reminder of the Servant’s spirit of humility.

I invite you to look at this medal regularly, so that you will be reminded of the demands placed on us to be available to all our brothers and sisters, and particularly the sick, disabled or those in difficulty.

From now on you are both pilgrims and servants.

(This isn’t on the sheet but we were also presented with a rosary with the words “To be faithful and to stay faithful to the promises you have made, you will also receive a rosary.“)

Each new Hospitaller receives the Hospitalité medal in his/her outstretch hands with a rosary from the President and it is then attached by their head of service to their lapel.

Then the President invites all those who have just made their commitment to return to their place and Mass continues with the Offertory rite.

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