Photo Credit: Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes Flickr

The joy, serenity and tolerance that I would like to offer you, obliges and obliges us to change our gaze.

The gaze of the Good Shepherd, full of love for everyone, is amaze that marvels at the simple gesture of a poor hospitalier who gives everything, sometimes without even knowing it.

The eyes and gaze of the disciples, of the apostles, of the evangelists, and you too brothers and sisters, become ‘witnesses’ and ‘servants’ of the Word because they have been caught up in His gaze.

In this exchange of gazes, this encounter with the word of God made flesh, we are invited  on a journey into the Scriptures.

‘Whoever reads or intends to proclaim a page of Scripture opens his heart to the Holy Spirit, then he will be led to the whole truth’ (Cardinal Schönborn).

With this in mind, let us change our view of ourselves, our those around us and of those with whom we serve.  Please, put on good walking boots to put our footsteps in those of Jesus.

Bertrand Clerc-Renaud

(An extract from the HNDL May 2018 Newsletter for the complete letter please click here.)

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