Service Update 2018: Notre Dame

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Photo Credit: Lourdes Sanctuary Facebook


Service Notre Dame

“I am always impressed by the YES of the new hospitaliers during the Engagement Mass. It is a sign of humility and availability.

But is the YES of our ‘engagement’ (commitment) still at the heart of our concerns, in order to be available to our sick or healthy brothers and sisters?  Let us ask this question about our daily life as well as our hospitalité life.

As our Holy Father Pope Francis says:  ‘Do not resist the Holy Spirit!”  These little ‘yeses’ of each day ‘make us go forward on the path of holiness.’

I thank all those who accept with generosity and smile the ‘work’ which is proposed to them.  Doing the dishes, ironing or folding sheers, no task insignificant since every task is at the service of the sick or disabled.

The hospitalières of the Notre Dame Service have the mission of being the ‘housewives’:  making sure every is beautiful and clean to welcome the people who arrive at the ‘Accueil Notre Dame’

Following Bernadette, let us say:

‘Yes God, yes, in everything and everywhere YES’

Marie-Annick PEZET

Head of Notre Dame Service

HNDL Newsletter 2018

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