Photo Credit: Youth 2000 UK


To fulfil properly our mission of hospitality, we must first of all “be” hospitality ourselves: that is, we must think of ourselves as hosts and not masters. We are not the masters of the Hospitalité, or of our service or our team.  We are not masters of ceremonies, or of the station, or of Formation: we are the servants.

And the first person we should be giving hospitality to is Christ himself: the eucharistic hospitality which is the source of all hospitality.

Let us revive our participation together in the eucharist and eucharistic adoration. Because it is there that the Hospitalité gets its strength and renews its faith:

‘Thanks to faith we are able to recognise the face of the risen Lord in all those who ask for our love’ ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do to me’ (Porta Dei 14, Matt 25.40)

As she did for Bernadette, let us ask Mary – “felix coeli porta” – to lead us as well to Communion more often, so that we can render a better service to others.


Taken from a HNDL newsletter December 2012

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